Getting Crafty for Cancer

The last thing you want to hear is that a friend or family member has cancer because there’s nothing you can do to help, fix or change the diagnosis. At the start of year someone very close to me found out that they had stage four renal cancer.Ā I’m in complete awe at how well he’s done so far and the progress he’s made. Watching him go through this, understanding the difficult decisions he’s had to make had been really rough but he’s pushed through it and tackled each day like a complete champion.

So at a time when there was nothing I could do or say, I reverted back to doing what I do best.. I got crafty.

The logo below was something that I found on Instagram, which I based on the hashtag he had been posting on his photos. I designing it up in Corel Draw, imported it into ScanNCut Canvas online software and then cut it out on a vinyl sticker with my Brother CM900 ScanNCut.

After his friends and family members saw the mug and how easy it was to create they had the idea to stick the logo on their surfboards for when they’re all out surfing again. This seemed like a pretty cool idea and a great way to support him because they’re all such good friends because of their combine love of surfing. So I’ll purchase a roll of vinyl sticker media and cut it out in 30cm x 30cm sheets to fit in the ScanNCut. I might even make them a few shirts while I’m at it!


When he was going into hospital I also couldn’t help myself and purchased a Koala Embroidery Buddy and digitized the cancer logo and “Care Bear” to go underneath. And to all you Aussies out there, I know koalas aren’t bears (lol) but I was trying to put some humour into it, so we can let this one slide, just this once (wink, wink).


Andy also told me that every time a nurse came in and saw the bear sitting on the table, they had to do a double take and then had a chuckle to themselves after reading the embroidery. After the week passed they also commented that other patients going through the same thing, in the same frame of mind, would probably appreciate a bear like this. I’m pretty sure if there was a way to stock up their gift shop with these types of gifts, they would have been all for it.

On the last day he posted this photo with the comment, “Finally out of hospital. Thanks to this little bear and the hospital staff looking after me.” So there you go! It really did help šŸ™‚


For anyone else thinking of gifts they can create for a loved one, who may be going through a difficult time or even having to go into hospital, aĀ personalised jigsaw puzzleĀ is another neat idea. Especially if they’re going to be recovering at home for an extended amount of time. I ended up stealing a photo of Andy surfing and had it made into a 500 piece puzzle which we’re still trying to complete, three months later! He wants to frame it when we’ve finally put it all together.

Also, because I have a weird and wacky sense of humour I found this Giant Microbe website that actually creates disease toys, including cancer!

cancer-clusterGiant Microbes – Cancer

I had to add a little note on it to congratulate him on his surgery and this toy was a token of what he was having removed. Again, it would depend on the persons sense of humour and the situation but it made him laugh. Maybe more so at how weird I was to have even found these toys.

But….what I’ve really learnt from this whole experience is that no gift on earth can ever compare to actually being there for someone. Showing someone you care and making sure they know that they don’t have to go through it alone is priceless.


Funky Friends Factory Plush Toys

Ollie the Laid Back Owl

These soft toys patterns are brilliant because the instructions are excellent and for those who are new to sewing they even include How to Sew ToysĀ videos with fabulous hint and tips.

This pattern is really cute and can be made to suit any occasion using contrasting fabrics, different coloured eyes, beaks or fabric textures. For the two owls shown here I used flannelette, which took up three fat quarters. There was absolutely no pattern alterations and you can also secure the safety eyes with a small piece of cutaway behind them so they donā€™t pull off theĀ flannelette.


Baby Bunny Snuggle

This baby blanket was adapted from the Baby Bunny Plush Toy from Funky Friends Factory.

bunny-soft-toy-pattern_6_1Funky Friends Factory – Baby Bunny

To make this I’ve only used the head and arm sections of the pattern and cut four different minky fleece squares and the top and bottom blanket edge to give it a quilted look. The bunny also included the safety eyes and nose with a small piece of cutaway behind them so they didn’t pull or rip the fleece.

Baby_SnuggleBaby_Snuggle2It’s the perfect snuggle blanket for young babies! If you haven’t checked out the Funky Friends Factory patterns they are worth a look!

Happy Sewing!!