BurdaStyle Skirt and Jacket

You can tell that I grew up in the 90s with this Clueless inspired outfit including a high-waisted skirt with a flounce hem and short cropped jacket. I made this right before we all locked down from Covid so I haven’t had a chance to wear it anywhere yet.

Description: Slim fitted high waisted skirt with flounce hem and a short cropped jacket.
Pattern: Bouclé Skirt and Bouclé Jacket
Fabric: Wool from Spotlight

I love the shape and style of the skirt, I think I’ll now make one in denim so I can wear it casually. It’s also really quick and easy to make!

To make the outfit complete, I’ve created a cropped jacket from the same wool fabric. This one was quite easy to make, however there was a strange issue with the pattern and lining. I cut them both out and one was much larger (width wise) than the other. So it’s definitely worth doing a muslin so you don’t figure that out after you’ve cut your nice fabric.

It fits really comfortably and doesn’t need any buttons. The shorter sleeves are also kind of perfect for living in Queensland because it’s mostly hot all year round. The only time I really need to wear jackets is when my work has the air conditioning is up too high (lol).

The best part about these outfits is you don’t have to even wear them together. They are great little pieces to mix and match with your other clothing.

Day 2 of #bpsewvember challenge is then and now. When I first started sewing I wasn’t confident in my fabric choices or patterns. I would make simple mistakes like forgetting to prewash my fabric so they would often shrink after the first wear. I also had a blog called “I-heart-fabric” but wasn’t very confident in taking or being in the photos so I would stage them like below.

Now, after many years of practice I don’t make as many small mistakes. I also love taking photos for my insta or my sewing blog. Especially with the support of all the lovely people online. I still have a lot to learn and need to branch out a little in my pattern choices but it’s great to see the progress I’m making each year.

If you want to get involved in the sewing challenge follow along with the hashtag #bpsewvember. You can also find more on my insta honeylovesewing.

Happy Sewing!


Megan Neilson Tan Kelly Skirt

Description: Button front pleated skirt with pockets. Pattern sits on the natural waist and features button front placket, wide waistband, large scoop pockets and pleating in the front and back.
Material: Demin
Pattern: Megan Nielson Kelly Skirt


This skirt is a great little pattern by Megan Nielson. I’ve now made it a few times and I think the thinker the material the better. The fabric I have used is a tan denim so the pleats really sit firmly on my waist.


I love outfits that have pockets, another great features and since this skirt has 10 buttons, I actually went onto eBay and bought some in bulk from an online Australian supplier. I found originally with my button-up work shirts that the buttons were the most costly part of the garment. Going directly to the suppliers is a great way to save on costs, especially since some of my favourite local shops are closing down.

Megan Nielson patterns are also great for beginners as they have really good pictures and instructions. A little more costly than your sale patterns at Spotlight but still very trendy and catered for the younger generation to adults. Plus, you can download them as PDF’s and get them instantly!

Happy Sewing!

Erin xx

New Look 6107 Skirt

Pattern: New Look 6107 Skirt
Description: Straight slim fitted skirt with back zipper.
Fabric used: Blue lightweight linen

I needed a plain, slim fitted skirt to wear with a few outfits I had purchased this summer, one being a Witchery top that needed to sit flat. So I scoured my patterns and came up with this one. This skirt was incredibly simple to make and takes very little time. You could knock out a few of these in a night and is perfect for beginner sewers. I have since made a blue demin one in the same fabric as my latest BurdaStyle Smock dress and plan on making a black one to cover my basics.


Apologies for not giving it a proper iron before taking the photos. As you can see it sits fairly high on your waist and also comes in two sizes if you wanted a longer length.



Overall the pattern was great and a perfect wardrobe filler. Skirts are one of those things that I hate buying because I know how easy they are to make. I can be certain that this pattern will be high on my remake list throughout the year and highly recommend it to others.

Happy Sewing! Erin xx

BurdaStyle Work Wardrobe

Pattern: Skirt – BurdaStyle Gold Lame Skirt, Shirt – Tie Front Blouse
Skirt – A straight silhouette with flattering pleats is nice and professional. This skirt hits just above the knee, so you can wear it anywhere.
Shirt – Loose fitted Blouse with large wrap around tie.
Fabric used: Skirt – Thick Jeans material, Shirt – Cotton


This is a complete BurdaStyle outfit. The shirt I had made years ago in a few different styles and colours. However, the fit was quite large and I’m yet to go back a resew a smaller version. I absolutely loved the pattern though as it’s a perfect addition to any work or casual wardrobe. The only change I made to pattern was make the bow smaller in size.


The skirt I immediately loved and it looked so good in gold on the BurdaStyle pattern page. I made this version with some really thick, jeans type material that I found in Spotlight in the curtain section. I wanted something nice and thick for winter and it worked really well.


Another BurdaStyle success!

Pin Peg Mini Skirt

Pattern: The Pin Peg Mini Skirt
Description: Two examples of the Pin Peg Mini Skirt.
Fabric Used: Stretch Cotton Sateen and Stretch Denim

I was asked by Annie from Nine Stitches to be a pattern tester for this skirt. Admittedly there was one piece that I accidentally omitted from the pattern but it still worked out great. I ended up using a large, skirt length zipper for the front, so omitting this piece didn’t matter.


Overall I loved the pattern. It’s a perfect high-waisted young, fashionable skirt that worked great in the thicker denim fabric. It’s been one of my highest rotation skirts since I made it back in June 2015 and was even able to wear it in Las Vegas!