Lekala Dress with Straps

Sitting at home on my balcony in my new Lekala dress, looking forward to when things start improving around the world and we can get back to normal in our daily lives.

I feel lucky that I have kept my job, can work from home and the worst thing I’ve had to do is cancel a few upcoming holidays. Plus, Australia seems to be doing pretty well compared to other countries. I’ve started Skyping more, especially since my older brother has recently had a baby boy and also trying to get out for a morning walk to this beautiful landscape below.

The one thing that has definitely kept me busy is sewing! Like any sewer I’ve got a mountain of fabric to get through and patterns to last me a life time. I honestly think if I didn’t have something to keep me creative and occupied, I’d get so restless and bored.

This dress is the same style that I used for the Ruffled Sleeveless Summer Dress in my previous post.

Description: Summer strapless slim-fitted dress with ruffled top.
Pattern: Top from Lekala Dress with straps and the skirt is Butterick 5949
Fabric: Spotlight Linen

I didn’t end up adding the ruffles to this dress but I still love the design.

I purchased this Linen fabric when it was on sale and also made a fitted shift dress for work out of it. I love contrasting the plain colour against it, which I’ve done with the straps on this dress.

Hope everyone is coping okay and staying healthy!

Happy Sewing!
Erin x


Ruffled Sleeveless Summer Dress

It’s crazy how much things have changed for everyone over the past few weeks with COVID-19. I’m lucky enough to still be working from home and found myself with a lot more spare time, not having to travel into the city each day. So instead of letting all of the stress and worry about what’s going on in the world get to me, I decided to come up with an assortment of sewing projects to keep me busy.

Description: Summer strapless slim-fitted dress with ruffled top.
Pattern: Top from Lekala Dress with straps and the skirt is Butterick 5949
Fabric: Lightweight Blue Linen with a lined skirt (stolen from my mum’s stash)

I have been following Stephanie, a seamstress on Instagram – @the.petite.dressmaker and love the way she incorporates ruffles into her dresses. I’ve wanted to make one of my very own!

I was devastated when Burdastyle changed websites last year because I lost a lot of my pattern purchases. I would have used the pattern I have done previously for my Dress without straps design, but looked over the internet and found a few similar patterns. An alternative version, if you don’t like hacking bits together is Mimi G’s Jessica Dress or Closet Case – The Fiona Sundress. If you do end up trying either of those two I’d love to check them out!

I like Lekala patterns because they fit me really well and are quite affordable. I downloaded 3 patterns for $16 (AUD). However, you do have to add the seam allowance and know a little bit about pattern construction to add your lining or adjust your fit.

There wasn’t much changed to the top part of this dress, apart from adding the ruffles. I have a huge clip box of buttons that I purchased in bulk off eBay. That always saves me money when adding numerous buttons to a garment. This dress is quite slim fit but I really love the way it turned out. It’s a perfect dress to wear out for summer/spring!

But since we are trying to be good and stay home, stay healthy and save lives, it might be a while until I get to wear this little number out.

On another note, I really hope everyone is staying healthy and coping okay through this insane 2020 start. First the fires in Australia and now Coronageddon worldwide. I’m just so happy to have an indoor hobby that keeps me entertained for hours. Probably a good thing because I’m forgetting what day we are up to working from home every day!

xx Happy sewing!! Erin xx

More Lekala Dresses

Pattern: Lekala Dress with Wrap Skirt
Description: A stylish dress with square neckline and mid length open wrap skirt.
Fabric used: Navy Floral Cotton Sateen and the Watercolour blue combed cotton found on Spoonflower

I have made this dress before with a number if modifications in my previous Lekala Dress post. Like always, when I like a pattern…and I really, really like this pattern, I’ll make it a few times. The first navy dress below is basically the same as the Lekala pattern, with only a few modifications to the front neckline.




The dress below in the Blue Watercolour fabric from Spoonflower (which I also made into an Butterick 5949 dress) has the same front modifications, plus a longer skirt on the right only. I had seen this done on fashion shops online and wanted to replicate this myself.




I actually made this dress for the Brisbane Spoolettes dinner back in 2015. Unfortunately that was the last meetup I’ve been able to get to as I was away on holidays for the last annual Frocktails event. I’m hoping this year I can attend and catch up with all of the amazing girls and check out what everyone’s been making.

Happy Sewing! Erin x

50’s Pop Art Costume

Each year we do a dress up party for our work Christmas party and it’s fitting because it’s a sewing and embroidery company. Some people opt to make their own costumes, while others order their outfits online. This year when browsing through ideas I saw the 50’s Pop Art theme and since I’ve always being a huge fan or Roy Lichtenstein I was keen to make my own dress.

This was mostly a mash up between my previous Lekala Dress top and also the Butterick 5949 skirt. I also just added to two yellow panels to break up the red and blue dots.

img_8037Here is a photo of me and my co-worker Michelle who also made her own 50s dress from New Look pattern 6824.


roy-lichtenstein-girl-with-hair-ribbon-c-1965All Posters – Roy Lichtenstein Picture




I did buy the yellow wig but it was a little cheap and awful. I think if I went again I would order a nicer one from eBay to really finish off the costume.

Here is an awesome photo of the night with all the girls in their swing dresses and Grease inspired outfits. They went all out and really decked the party out, even getting entertainers for the night.


Such a fun event if you’re looking for some 50’s inspired outfits.

xx Erin xx

Lekala Dress with Wrap Skirt

Pattern: Lekala Dress with Wrap Skirt
Description: A stylish dress with square neckline and mid length open wrap skirt.
Fabric used: Cotton Sateen, Polyester and Rayon.

I have the tendency to absolutely fall head over heals in love with certain patterns. What happens when I love, love, love a pattern is I make it in every single shape, colour and stlye to change it into a completely different fit from the last. I started off with the basic pattern from Lekala and as soon as I made it I knew it was my dream dress.

Version One – Basic Pattern

This first dress was created with a cotton sateen and the fit was perfect. Although I could see myself making it in a number of different fabrics and changing it slightly each time. Here is what happened once I started to alter the pattern.

Version Two

Firstly, I changed it to a sleeveless dress. In all of the dress versions I omitted the part on the neckline that goes into the collarbone, making it a standard fit. Secondly, I changed the front neckline to have more of a sweetheart curve, dipping down.


You can also purchase this fabric on my SixteenStitches Spoonflower page if you’re looking to create the same dress! There are a few options available in different colours too.

Version Three

This dress used a Polyester/Rayon top and Cotton Sateen skirt.  I have kept the sweetheart neckline in this version as well.

Version Four

This is where I have started to alter and play with the length of the skirt. I have made the right side longer so it wraps around and joins the left skirt, which is the normal length. I saw this done on Hello Molly Clothing site and loved it.

This dress is perfect for almost any occasion, race day, beach, festival, casual date, movies you name it. You can dress it up or down and is without a doubt my favourite dress pattern. Plus, it’s so easy to make!

This is the dress I even wore to a festival in Las Vegas the previous year!


The funny thing is I still have more version of this dress at home. I just ran out of time taking photos. When you’ve make it more than five times I think you can be sure that you’ve found a winner of a pattern! Well done Lekala, well done!