BurdaStyle Skirt and Jacket

You can tell that I grew up in the 90s with this Clueless inspired outfit including a high-waisted skirt with a flounce hem and short cropped jacket. I made this right before we all locked down from Covid so I haven’t had a chance to wear it anywhere yet.

Description: Slim fitted high waisted skirt with flounce hem and a short cropped jacket.
Pattern: Bouclé Skirt and Bouclé Jacket
Fabric: Wool from Spotlight

I love the shape and style of the skirt, I think I’ll now make one in denim so I can wear it casually. It’s also really quick and easy to make!

To make the outfit complete, I’ve created a cropped jacket from the same wool fabric. This one was quite easy to make, however there was a strange issue with the pattern and lining. I cut them both out and one was much larger (width wise) than the other. So it’s definitely worth doing a muslin so you don’t figure that out after you’ve cut your nice fabric.

It fits really comfortably and doesn’t need any buttons. The shorter sleeves are also kind of perfect for living in Queensland because it’s mostly hot all year round. The only time I really need to wear jackets is when my work has the air conditioning is up too high (lol).

The best part about these outfits is you don’t have to even wear them together. They are great little pieces to mix and match with your other clothing.

Day 2 of #bpsewvember challenge is then and now. When I first started sewing I wasn’t confident in my fabric choices or patterns. I would make simple mistakes like forgetting to prewash my fabric so they would often shrink after the first wear. I also had a blog called “I-heart-fabric” but wasn’t very confident in taking or being in the photos so I would stage them like below.

Now, after many years of practice I don’t make as many small mistakes. I also love taking photos for my insta or my sewing blog. Especially with the support of all the lovely people online. I still have a lot to learn and need to branch out a little in my pattern choices but it’s great to see the progress I’m making each year.

If you want to get involved in the sewing challenge follow along with the hashtag #bpsewvember. You can also find more on my insta honeylovesewing.

Happy Sewing!


BurdaStyle Wool Boucle Jacket

I stuck to my sewing goal and created a second jacket from my Top 5 Jackets to make this winter. This was another BurdaStyle jacket made with some beautiful brown checked wool fabric for the outside and a plain light brown wool for the lining, both from Spotlight. This is also the fabric combination I used to create my long Wool Parka Jacket.

Description: Oversized and rounded collar flatters the decolleté and shoulders, while patch pockets and a double row of silver buttons are refined finishing details.
Pattern: BurdaStyle Boucle Jacket 114 02/19
Fabric: Wool from Spotlight

I found the collar on this one to be a little tricky stitching it with the lining but I persisted and finally got it sitting okay. I have to say the BurdaStyle patterns aren’t great if you’re a beginner jacket maker like myself. I think a few more picture diagrams would have helped.

I also found the sleeves to be quite short so I ended up creating a large cuff which I felt still suited this jacket. The fabric being quite thick also sits nicely and is very warm and snug. I highly recommend this wool fabric for this jacket pattern.

I also love the front features on this jacket including the double layer collar, front pockets and four buttons. Overall I’m really thrilled with the fabric, design and the fact that I achieved another sewing goal! I’m looking forward to wearing this one out with some cute brown boots!

While I was looking online I also found this jacket (pictured below) on The Iconic for $109. It’s very similar in colour but mine is lined with wool and still cost me less than half that price! What a great way to save money!

I hope you’re all enjoying your winter or summer sewing projects, depending on where you are in the world. Stay safe!

Happy Sewing

xx Erin xx

BurdaStyle Wool Parker Jacket

This is the first time I’ve purchased wool and made a large warm, winter jacket! This wool jacket by BurdaStyle is the perfect Parka Jacket and it’s soooo warm. Almost too warm to wear for our Brisbane winters but hey, it might be great for travelling!

Description: This variegated wool jacket can function as a cozy cardigan or as a jacket for days that aren’t so cold.
Pattern: Wool Jacket101 |Burda Style 01/20
Fabric: Wool fabric and lining from Spotlight

This is the perfect long length throw over jacket, including pockets and a wide collar. I extended the sleeves to roll back the cuffs to show the lining colour fabric. I love the drop shoulders, it looks like a designer parka.

Oh, and did I mention I made it reversible? Now I can wear this as a plain light brown colour jacket with the checks as the feature instead.

Because of the extra length of the sleeves I can just pull back the cuffs to show the lining colour. I loved making it reversible because now I have two different jackets to choose from!

I seriously can’t decide which one I like the most! I just have to stop wearing it as my dressing gown because now it’s covered in pug hair from the pugs being so snugly this winter.

Have you made something this year during lock down that you hadn’t tried before? I’m so excited to be ticking off a jacket pattern and one I absolutely loved making!

xx Happy sewing! xx

Top 5 BurdaStyle jackets to make this winter

As the weather starts to cool down and we’re still in lock down I’ve started looking at a number of jacket patterns to make this winter. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from but here are my top five BurdaStyle patterns that I am hoping to create this winter.

I’ve picked BurdaStyle because I know the patterns fit me really well and they’re so easy to download, print out at home and (most of the time) create.

#1 BurdaStyle Boucle Jacket 114 02/19

2. BurdaStyle Wool Jacket 111 12/19

3. BurdaStyle Wool Jacket 110 10/18

4. BurdaStyle Wool Jacket 107 09/17

5. BurdaStyle Cotton Blouson A, B 114 | 04/17

Most jackets will need one to three meters of suiting material, plus lining and accessories such as buttons, ribbing and buckles. It will also depend on the length of your jacket and what type of fabric you choose. I’ve purchased some amazing wool blend from Spotlight at $17 per meter and I plan on making some with thinner lining (which will cost less) and some with the thicker lining at $17 per meter. So I’m hoping to make a range of these jackets from $40 to $80, being the most expensive.

Would love to hear if you have any favourite Jacket patterns! Now we can all start to get jealous of those on the other side of the world who are entering their warmer months!

Happy Sewing

Erin xx