Baby Burp Cloths, Booties & Sleeping Bags

Description: Baby Sleeping Bags, Baby Booties and Baby burp clothes.
Fabric: Flannelette, 100% Cotton and terry towelling.

These are the cutest little baby gifts that are essential for newborns. Also perfect for gifts if you’re trying to find something for a baby shower, since they’re super easy to make.


I’ve made most of these from flannelette or 100% cotton, which is soft, affordable and comfortable. It’s always best to try and find fire retardant fabric when you’re making items for babies or children, just to be on the safe side.


You can find a number of patterns and projects like these online, which are often free to make, including those on Craftsy. Otherwise feel free to check out ideas on my Pinterest Craft or Sewing board.


A super-quick little project for everyone!

Happy Sewing

Erin xx

BurdaStyle Baby Overalls

Description: Baby overalls with front pocket, elastic back and straps with snap buttons.
Pattern: Burdastyle Baby Overalls
Fabric Used: Printed Cotton from Spotlight

Spotlight has had some pretty gorgeous fabric for kids lately so I ended up buying up a heap and created these cute little baby overalls to test out the pattern. My friends little bub is pretty chubby so I made the largest size available, which is shown below.



The pattern only included a few pieces so it was fairly easy to construct and only took about 30 minutes. I only made one to check the sizing but I could have easily knocked out a few of these at once. It’s the perfect little outfit for trendy little girls or boys.


I also wasn’t sure of the length of the straps so I included a snap back and then added two different snaps along the strap so that it could be adjusted to fit. The straps would then go inside the overalls to avoid looking messy.


It’s hard to see but there is also a cute little front pocket on these overalls. Such a gorgeous pattern, I highly recommend!

Funky Friends Factory Plush Toys

Ollie the Laid Back Owl

These soft toys patterns are brilliant because the instructions are excellent and for those who are new to sewing they even include How to Sew Toys videos with fabulous hint and tips.

This pattern is really cute and can be made to suit any occasion using contrasting fabrics, different coloured eyes, beaks or fabric textures. For the two owls shown here I used flannelette, which took up three fat quarters. There was absolutely no pattern alterations and you can also secure the safety eyes with a small piece of cutaway behind them so they don’t pull off the flannelette.


Baby Bunny Snuggle

This baby blanket was adapted from the Baby Bunny Plush Toy from Funky Friends Factory.

bunny-soft-toy-pattern_6_1Funky Friends Factory – Baby Bunny

To make this I’ve only used the head and arm sections of the pattern and cut four different minky fleece squares and the top and bottom blanket edge to give it a quilted look. The bunny also included the safety eyes and nose with a small piece of cutaway behind them so they didn’t pull or rip the fleece.

Baby_SnuggleBaby_Snuggle2It’s the perfect snuggle blanket for young babies! If you haven’t checked out the Funky Friends Factory patterns they are worth a look!

Happy Sewing!!

Baby Teethers & Bucket Hats

I recently made the BurdaStyle Pleated Baby Dress for a friend and loved the project so much I wanted to try a few more children’s clothing patterns. So my next sewing project included the BurdaStyle reversible bucket hat and the See Kate Sew Baby Teether.


Bucket Hats

I tested out the reversible bucket hats with a few different combinations of lining and decided that one layer of iron-on interfacing gave the perfect stiffness. If you don’t include some sort of interfacing it becomes too floppy to wear. Especially because you can flip the front flap up to reveal the different colour fabric underneath.


I purchased the fabric below from Spotlight and you use such a small amount of fabric they work out to be so cheap, maybe $3-4 each. This just proves how valuable sewing is if you have small children, as it only took about 20 minutes to sew up both hats.


The fabric below is from my Sixteen Stitches Spoonflower store, using the lined pastel roses and the navy pastel roses. I’m absolutely loving this fabric for children’s outfits!


Baby Teethers

So many of my friends have young babies or are pregnant, so these teethers are a perfect gift. Although if you do gift them you may need to let the parents know that they are classified as a toy, so babies should be supervised at all times when they’re using these.


To create these teethers I have used the See Kate Sew Baby Teether pattern. You can purchase the wooden or bamboo rings on Etsy for about $20 for 30. Then you only need the smallest amount of fabric and I’ve cut up a hand towel, which makes these little beauties cost about $1-$2 each! Pretty good when you can make a dozen and then match them to their outfits!


The best thing about these teethers is that you can untie the fabric from the bamboo rings and wash them when they’re dirty. Such a great pattern!


Happy Sewing! Erin xx

BurdaStyle Pleated Baby Dress

I’ve recently created this adorable BurdaStyle Pleated Baby Dress by BurdaStyle for a friend who just found out they’re having a baby girl. I created the two different matching fabric’s on Spoon Flower, which you can purchase on my online Sixteen Stitches Spoon Flower shop.


The pattern came with a few different alternatives such as cap sleeves, full sleeves and even a different back. I decided to try both sleeve versions making one dress longer than the other.

From the time it took me to cut the paper pattern, sew it up and then hand-stitch the edging it was a total of 2.5 hours for both dresses. I used snaps for the buttons since they’re not only easy to install on your garments, they’re also perfect for children and babies. Overall it’s the perfect little baby dress and the design itself it just so cute!



After making these I went and bought a few more of their baby patterns, since they were so easy and adorable. I plan on making a matching BurdaStyle reversible hat in the same fabric next.

If you haven’t tried BurdaStyle patterns I highly recommend them. There is a bit to working out the sizing, instructions and piecing the patterns together but once you get your head around it’s totally worth it and very rewarding when you end up with garments like this.

Happy Sewing! Erin xx

Baby Sleeping Bags

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3089
Description: The Baby sleep sacks have a zipper front, a ribbing neckband, a tab with a snap to cover the zipper pull.  The View A sleeveless sack has armholes finished with narrow hems.  View B has raglan sleeves with mitts.
Fabric used: Inside Flannelette 100% Cotton and Cotton Jersey

I’m in a four way conversation with my three best friends and you can just imagine the daily gossip that goes one between us. Since all three have young children there are times that I get to find what it means to be a new mother. There are few moments I’d like to add “sensor please” or “guys give me a warning!” because they can get quite graphical and rather hilarious. My friend Erica, who has a beautiful six month baby girl was asking where she can find baby sleeping bags since her daughter Sophia has not only grown a size but needs something warmer for the winter months.


This was one of those times that I was truly shocked and thankful that I can sew. They were saying that there was a “sale” and the sleeping bags had gone down from $70 to only $40! I quickly added, “What the! Don’t buy any more, I will just make you some!” However, my girlfriend’s are the last ones to accept sewing favours so I researched it myself, checking what fabric was breathable and safe for babies. For example: Cotton or cotton blends are great. Don’t to use fleece as it isn’t breathable. Therefore, I went to Spotlight and purchased some fabric to test out this gorgeous little Kwik Sew pattern.

The red cotton jersey fabric (outter fabric) was on sale for $11 per meter and the cotton flannelette (lining) was on sale for $6 per meter. So I could probably average about 3 bags per meter, costing about $7 per bag. That’s quite a saving from $40 per bag she was looking at spending.


The pattern comes with two versions and I made both for her (one with and one without sleeves). It was a very simple pattern and I was able to put it together while watching a movie in less than 2 hours.


Sleeveless Version

Here is the sleeveless version. I had taken this photo before I put the snap button on. I just love using snaps! Whenever I’ve created an outfit like this I drive over to my parents house and use my mums snap press. They are perfect, safe and really easy to use. I’d say they even work well with adult clothing such as jackets!



Overall it was a really cute pattern and both her and her husband loved these new little sleeping bags for their little girl. Hopefully this should see her through the winter months!