I thought I might expand my blog into some more Lifestyle posts considering we’ve all been stuck at home a lot more than normal this past year. Hopefully including tips and tricks on travel, health and motivational posts.

10 New Years Tips for Health and Happiness

I had to write a list of the ten goals I have for the year from home, hobbies to keeping fit and active.

10 Tips on Health and Well Being while at home

We’ve all had a strange year from COVID so I’ve come up with a few tips that may help you stay sane and happy this year.

USA Holiday & Sewing Inspiration

In 2015 I went to the USA, which seems like a lifetime ago now! The best part about the whole trip was getting to sew and create outfits for the events that I’d been so excited to get to.

Nippori Textile Fabric District

If you get a chance to go to Japan definitely check out Nippori Textile & Fabric District. Here is some advice from my trips over the past couple of years.