BurdaStyle 115 Sleeveless Dress

I’ve recently had a bit of a sewing lul where I wasn’t super inspired to sew, I didn’t know where to start, and I kept making clothes out of “test” fabric which I didn’t really like once it was made. The plan was to make a second garment but it just went back on my sewing room pile and I fell back into my lul again.

I figured from now once I’ve checked the sizing I would just create the garment in my nice fabric and that might solve half my problems. I also have a bit of an issue collecting patterns, and now I have so many I’m overwhelmed with choice. Almost like sifting through the Netflix catalogue and in the end you’ve scrolled though tons of movies and just end up sitting there not watching anything because there is too much choice. So I went back to the pattern company I know fits me well… Burdastyle.

This dress is the Burdastyle 115 Sleeveless dress that I’ve had in my downloads for a few years now. It’s actually been a little while since I’ve cut out a pattern from BurdaStyle so I went to look at my sizing which indicated a size 40, but then once I did the toile, I realised that I needed a 42.

I ended up making it out of a Cotton Sateen from Spotlight, which did have a bit of stretch, so I actually had to take it in a little around the sides and back. This is really cute style of dress. It’s quite low cut and somehow it turned out quite short, which I can wear with black stockings (given it’s currently winter).

I also cut the same dress x2 to make a lining, so it’s fully lined! It has cotton sateen for the top and a poplin for the skirt.

I’m actually really pleased with the way this one turned out and it’s made me realised that I just have to keep sewing, even if it’s something I don’t love because that’s where you end up finding your gem patterns. I probably wouldn’t make a second dress in this (tiny bit too revealing for me) but at least I have one really nice version in fabric that I love.

I also had a look through my Burdastyle wish list and found a plus size dress that is seriously gorgeous. Given their plus sizing starts at 44 I think my next goal will be to make this version and simply size it down one sizing.

Overall I quite like this version dress and the combination with the cotton sateen fabric. It’s also exciting to have my sewing groove back and be able to post a finished garment that I’m happy with! Sometimes you just have to commit to a outfit and put your creative mind on getting it finished to get back into loving this hobby.

I also find it helpful to go and check out other sewers that have a similar style to your own and see what they’ve been up to. There are so many women who I’ve followed for years and just admire everything they create. I’ll hopefully have a few more gems to post online soon!

Happy Sewing

Erin x


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