Half Year Sewing Goals and Update

I’ve had a pretty long break from sewing with my focuses being mainly on work, my friends and partner. However, I would love to get back into sewing both personally and with my Etsy store. I’ve tried to make a half year sewing goal list to get my sewing mojo back! Hopefully this will allow me to create some nice pieces leading into the warmer months.

Misses McCalls 8252 Dress

I have a dress very similar to this and was thinking of creating it up as a possibility to wear to an upcoming wedding. I’ve seen some really gorgeous versions of this dress on Instagram when you search #M8252 and love how they all turned out.

Japanese Fabric Tote Bags

I recently discovered some gorgeous Japanese Character fabric that I’ve had in my sewing room for over 10 years. I was saving it for a special occasion, not wanting to use it since I purchased the fabric on a holiday in Japan. However, looking online you can now get very similar Japanese character prints on AliExpress – so I’ve ordered some more and looking forward to using it all up for something cute!!

B5615 Butterick Shirt

I’ve slowly started to get back to working in the office (after 2½ years working at home) so I wanted to add a few more simple, stylish work shirts to my wardrobe. I found this shirt in my stash and hoping to use some really gorgeous shirt fabrics!

What else has been happening?

If you’ve checked out any of my blog posts you may have noticed my two little pugs (Busta and Bella) who make an appearance in some of photos or posts. Unfortunately in February this year I had to say goodbye to my cheeky girl Bella who fell extremely ill with cancer. This was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, especially since they’ve both been with me through all of my ups and downs and never failed to make me smile. Busta (now 14 years old) is doing well though and Ziggy, my new ginger kitty, has been keeping him company and cheering us both up. She will always remain in my heart but I miss her each and every day.

Since I’ve been working from home since Covid hit in 2020, I’ve been finding it harder to stay motivated and put time into myself. I find that I often working late hours, feeling the pressure of new roles or promotions. However, this year I’ve been trying to put more time into myself and been part of a local HIIT gym who run fitness challenges. I’m currently doing my own 8 week challenge, going to 4-5 classes a week hoping to get back on track to feel amazing for when summer arrives.

The last little hobby I’ve also taken part in is my graphic design for pets and animals. This was somewhat inspired by Bella passing away, as I wanted to create a design of her to put onto mugs and other prints. I’ve really enjoyed getting back to a skill I used when I first started my career.

I guess for me it’s good to set some new goals and challenges and make sure I don’t waste the weeks that seem to be flying by at the moment. Also, to ensure that I make time for myself and don’t work long hours. It’s always great to commit to creative hobbies that fill our cups up!

Erin xx

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