BurdaStyle Cotton Dress 101

I’ve been wanting to try out this BurdaStyle Cotton 101 dress for some time because of how amazing the sleeve detail is. This is my first test dress that I made with some scrap material I had left over from my latest Macaron dress.

Description: This dress features a high waistline, A-line cascade skirt and a sophisticated sleeve detail.
Pattern: BurdaStyle Cotton Dress 101 06/18
Fabric: Cotton Sateen from Spotlight

BurdaStyle Cotton Dress 101

The only alterations I made on this dress was taking the skirt up above my knees. Everything else in the dress is as per the original pattern. The next time I create this I’m going to add some small cap sleeves, because who doesn’t love sleeves on a dress. Also, I might make the skirt a bit more slim fitted and possibly change it to a skirt with front buttons.

It was pointed out on my Instagram that some ladies had complications with this pattern mainly because the instructions are all written based. There’s never any pictures with BurdaStyle instructions so you really have to look at the final photo and work it out yourself. I’m not going to lie it did take me a few attempts at figuring out how it all fit together but eventually I think I got it right.

I would have to say the sleeve is the only complicated part on this dress, the rest is fairly straight forward. I also made a muslin first for the top part, especially to ensure it fit right. I then ended up using the cotton muslin as the lining for the top, instead of using the neck and sleeve bindings. I was super happy with how that worked out so that just proves how important and useful it is to make a muslin first so you don’t ruin your pretty fabric!

I’ve also joined in on this months Instagram sewing challenge by Bimble and Pimple. It started with Day 1 – Fun Fact about yourself. My fun fact was, yes sewing in my number 1 hobby but I also enjoy landscape photography! I’m only really new to going out and taking photos but here are some of my favourite ones. Last year I also went and did an Astro Photography course with my dad which was so fun. We are hoping to do a few more this year and it’s such a nice hobby to enjoy with my father, since he’s now retired.

If you haven’t already got involved, jump in and share your stories and ideas. I was a bit late to the game but still joining in. Check out #BPsewvember2020 on Instagram or you can follow me at honeylovesewing.

Happy Sewing! Erin xx


2 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Cotton Dress 101

    • Aww thank you Judy!! I had a lot of fun making this one actually. Quite a unique pattern.
      Hope you’re going well!! Almost the weekend xx
      Happy Sewing!!


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