Denim Leila Dress

My latest summer dress is the “Leila Dress” by Marsha Style patterns. This is a very popular style of dress at the moment, so it’s nice to be able to make my own version. The Leila Dress is easy to download and print out. It has a number of variances to choose from and it’s very quick and easy to stitch up.

There is a sleeve hack on Taree’s blog to make the sleeves shorter. Otherwise you can make them mid or long length. You can also add another layer to the dress to make it maxi length.

Description: The Leila Dress features a V-neckline with gathered tiers.
Pattern: Taree Marsh Leila Dress
Fabric: Lightweight denim
Changes I made: I brought the v-neck higher so it wasn’t so low cut. I also took it in about 10cms at the sides so the overall dress wasn’t so full.

This is the perfect summer dress and really comfortable and flowy. If you haven’t tried Taree’s patterns yet, I would highly recommend them. You can also see my Blue Sia Dress or my Yellow Sia Dress, which is her other style of pattern.

I love finding cute summery dresses and this is now one of my favourites. I’m looking forward to wearing this one out for a shopping day with friends.

I also excitingly got added to Feedspot’s top 15 Australian Sewing Blog posts which brightened up my weekend.

Happy Sewing

Erin xx


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