Lilac dress with ruffled sleeves

After turning my sewing room upside down I was so excited that I found a paper pattern of the BurdaStyle Smocked Dress that I made a few years ago. Unfortunately the new BurdaStyle website hasn’t got this pattern online yet but a cool tip that someone gave me was to check out the German version of the site. You will have to use Google Translator but I found that pattern here –  Burda Easy Ausgabe F/S 2014 version.

Otherwise, similar patterns to this dress are Mimi Gā€™s Jessica Dress, Lekala Dress with straps or the Closet Case ā€“ The Fiona Sundress. If you do end up trying any of those Iā€™d love to check them out!

I purchased the purple flower fabric from Japan over ten years ago for my mum, which was actually supposed to be made into a handbag and it’s been sitting in her wardrobe ever since. So when she was having a big clean out, I was more than happy to take it back off her hands and turn it into a dress.

Description: This heavenly corset style dress is lovely and versatile with a front snap placket, hip pockets, straps and ruffled sleeves.
Pattern: BurdaStyle Smocked Back dress
Fabric: Linen fabric and cotton lining

The only addition that I’ve done to this dress is added the ruffle sleeves. This was done by just cutting a wide rectangle, stitching along the top and bottom, flipping it inside out, stitching the sides and then sticking elastic inside to pull it together. I’ve also stitched it to the dress so they stay in place.

I love the fit of this dress. It’s slim fitting but not too tight in certain places and best of all it has pockets! There are quite a few buttons on this dress but again, my tip is to buy them in bulk off eBay or online stores.

Once again I got all dressed up to take photos of my new dress and the most exciting thing I could do was go back to work… Hooray! But hey, wearing one of my new favourite dresses is better than staying in my PJ’s all day! I’m just so thankful we don’t have video meetings!

Maybe my next project can be a comfortable work from home attire! Just kidding, we all know it’s going to be another dress.

Happy Sewing!

Erin xx


4 thoughts on “Lilac dress with ruffled sleeves

  1. Thankyou for reminding me about this dress. After looking at reviews of the other patterns you mention, I’d been going through my Burda stash looking for something similar. Forgot about this one, which I have, because it’s hard to search Burda online now, and this isn’t there.
    Found a Flickr photo with the pattern details.
    Burda Easy sundress

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    • Hey Karey, Yes, that’s correct, they haven’t put it back on the new BurdaStyle website but I did email to ask if they would because it’s such a great pattern. Hopefully hear back soon but there were a few very similar patterns that could be used in replacement of this one. The Lekala top is basically the same but I LOVED the skirt design. Also the Sia Dress that I’ve done recently had a similar skirt! Let me know if you make your own version šŸ™‚ I’d love to see!! xx

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    • Hey Chelle, The top part is one fabric which already had a purple gradient in it. Then it’s a separate lilac colour for the skirt! Nice to raid mums fabric stash before the lock down hehe!
      Hope you’ve been well!!! xxx

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