Marsha Style – Sia Dress

I was lucky enough to be part of the pattern testing group for Taree’s (Marsha Style) pattern ‘The Sia Dress’. As soon as I saw her dress on instagram I knew I wanted to be involved.

I adored Taree’s version, so I pretty much copied it down to the fabric to make my own blue linen dress.

I really enjoyed the process of making this dress and providing feedback. There is a long, short, lined and unlined version to choose from. There’s also two different sleeve variations. We all gave what feedback we could but it was already so well constructed and the instruction booklet was beyond thorough. The final version will be perfect for beginner sewers.

The only variation I made to the dress was crossing over the front top section slightly more than it was originally designed.

I loved this version of the sleeves with the little side ties. I also made the front waist band only cross over at the front, rather than going all the way around the dress. The only reason I did this was because I ran of of fabric.

I absolutely loved working with linen for this dress. Apart from not ironing very well for the photos I think it suited this pattern perfectly. There were a number of different versions made for this dress and it suits lightweight cottons and rayon’s.

A big thank you Taree for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I couldn’t recommend this pattern any more. I also love supporting local businesses and pattern makers and hope everyone is doing the same to keep this beautiful hobby going while we’re in lock down!

xx Happy Sewing!! xx


7 thoughts on “Marsha Style – Sia Dress

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    • Hey Lily, I actually made that bodice a slight bit too big so it crossed over without me having to edit the pattern. But if you have a good fit for the bodice you could just extend that front section to do the same. I hope that helps!


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