Lekala Dress with Straps

Sitting at home on my balcony in my new Lekala dress, looking forward to when things start improving around the world and we can get back to normal in our daily lives.

I feel lucky that I have kept my job, can work from home and the worst thing I’ve had to do is cancel a few upcoming holidays. Plus, Australia seems to be doing pretty well compared to other countries. I’ve started Skyping more, especially since my older brother has recently had a baby boy and also trying to get out for a morning walk to this beautiful landscape below.

The one thing that has definitely kept me busy is sewing! Like any sewer I’ve got a mountain of fabric to get through and patterns to last me a life time. I honestly think if I didn’t have something to keep me creative and occupied, I’d get so restless and bored.

This dress is the same style that I used for the Ruffled Sleeveless Summer Dress in my previous post.

Description: Summer strapless slim-fitted dress with ruffled top.
Pattern: Top from Lekala Dress with straps and the skirt is Butterick 5949
Fabric: Spotlight Linen

I didn’t end up adding the ruffles to this dress but I still love the design.

I purchased this Linen fabric when it was on sale and also made a fitted shift dress for work out of it. I love contrasting the plain colour against it, which I’ve done with the straps on this dress.

Hope everyone is coping okay and staying healthy!

Happy Sewing!
Erin x


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