Butterick 6451 Summer Dress

My first clothing project this year was creating this fun, flowey, summery dress. I got in just in time to wear it to Valentines weekend, which more importantly is my mums Birthday celebration.

Description: Very loose-fitting, pullover dress which has elastic at the neckline and waist. It also has a number of variations for the sleeve and hem. In long and short versions.
Pattern: Butterick 6451
Material: Rayon material from Spotlight

This blue dress was my first attempt at sewing this dress. I cut out a muslin but I didn’t go as far as adding the elastic. So once I had it all finished there were a few alterations I wanted to make for the second dress.

In the photo below I have the back pattern overlaying the front pattern so that I could match it up at the sleeves. The first alteration was simply taking 5cm off the top of the front and back of the dress. I also then brought up the sleeves about 5cm on both the front and back because once it was sitting off my shoulders it left a large gap. This is shown in the photos below where you can see my bra.

It’s not a huge issue because the only time you would notice this is if I lift my arms but obviously I wanted to perfect it for the next dress.

This is the second version of this dress and thankfully you can’t see my bra on any angle, even if I lift my arms. I absolutely love the dress style and the extra gathered panel at the bottom. It’s perfect for summer and being lightweight rayon material means I can wear this in the humid Brisbane heat.

If you have time to sneak this dress in before Summer ends I highly recommend giving it a go. There is also a shorter version available on this dress pattern that would be great to make too. Also, if you like the fabric I think it’s still available at Spotlight 🙂

Happy Sewing!!

Erin & the Puggies


2 thoughts on “Butterick 6451 Summer Dress

  1. they look great Erin …. did you find the sizing true? I found your post on Pattern Review and was excited to find an Aussie on there , especially since you mentioned where you bought your fabric!

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    • Hi Sally! It’s so good to see Aussies on there especially given the season difference to overseas! We’re making dresses while they’re making jackets. I found this dress to be true to sizing but with Butterick I do normally have to do a test first. Sometimes they are a bit bigger than my current fit.


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