Bali Beach Bag and Holiday!

Description: Beach bag featuring a fold over zipper opening and has a handy front pocket, a large back pocket, shoulder length straps, and a large divided inner pocket.
Material: Denim and Tropical Cotton Sateen
Pattern: The Senna Tote Bag


I recently went to Bali and the whole idea was to get some surf lessons, while having a tropical beach holiday of course! Unfortunately the week before we went there was an offshore cyclone and the waves ended up being 14ft! Way too big to learn in. However, I still made myself a brand new tote bag to take with me to the beach and poolside.


I adore this pattern and have already created it twice now! There are so many fabric variations to create this bag, creating a unique look for each one.

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One of the main things that I love about this bag is how much you can fit inside it. I could probably fit a change of clothes, two towels, plus all of my accessories. It’s the perfect travel beach bag and because it’s made with lightweight fabric it was very easy to fold up and pack in my suitcase.


As you can see I used my NV180 Sewing and Embroidery machine to add a Beach Please Urban Threads embroidery design to the pocket.

Then to finish it off, I added some snap buttons to the inside and external pockets. These snap machines are amazing, if you’re considering one for use with your sewing projects I highly recommend.

Holiday Snaps

Bali was such an incredible getaway and the perfect escape during winter. Not too far away, amazing beaches, affordable and great food.


I got myself a brand new mirror-less camera but as you can see it was just way too easy to take beautiful photos.

One of the funniest parts of the holiday was having two surfers Googling fabric stores to take me to in between the surf breaks. They picked Alto Moda in Kuta. It was even funnier when they helped me scour five levels of the store to find my favourite fabric types (cotton, suiting fabric and a thick knit), since it was mostly Balinese style chiffon.


I was able to get 10 meters of high quality fabric for less than $70. Definitely worth the trip!! Even better because I could stash it all in the surfboard bags on the way home (hehe).

Now we’re just looking forward to the next holiday… sailing the Whitsundays!!


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