BurdaStyle Kids Harem Pants

Description: Harem style kids pants with drop crouch and stretch waist band. Also a knotted drawstring for an extra touch of decoration.
Material: Stretch Knit and ribbing from Spotlight
Pattern: BurdaStyle Children’s Button Jumpsuit


I had been searching the internet for an easy pair of harem pants to make for a friend’s son, without having to pay $15 – $20 for the pattern. I found this great one by Burda Style B9342 but I just didn’t have time to go to the shops, since it wasn’t downloadable.


Luckily Burdastyle had the Children’s Button Jumpsuit 12/2011 #140 which was very similar and could be easily downloaded. As you can see I’ve just omitted the top part of the outfit.


These were really easy to make and just require some elastic to go inside the waist band and also a drawstring, which is mostly for decoration. They’re super cute and best of all you get the jumpsuit pieces if you wanted to go ahead and create that outfit in the future.


Spotlight also had some trendy, cute knit fabric on sale recently so overall these pants only cost me about $5 – $10 in material to make.

I’ve used knit because we don’t really get those super cold nights and mornings like other states but these would also look really cool in Jersey or Sweatshirt fabric. Overall it’s a great pattern and I recommend to anyone wanting to create something similar!


Happy Sewing!

Erin xx


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