McCalls 6741 Dress

Description: Fitted and flared, lined dresses have neckline variations, princess seams, side-front pockets and back zipper.
Material: Cotton Sateen and a light cotton lining
Pattern: McCalls 6741


In a previous post I said that I don’t often buy designers clothing. However, come to think of it that’s probably not 100% accurate and that’s because I LOVE Cue. So the inspiration for my McCalls 6741 dress was basically from the latest trend featuring a number of these dresses with a fitted bodice and flare skirt, as shown below.


Image source: Cue Soft Pink Pique Dress

So when I found the McCalls 6741 pattern I knew I had to recreate it to start making my own little Cue dresses based on this trend. As you can see below there are a number of different options, all as awesome as each other. The only difference with my dress is that I put the jacket zipper on the front, rather than the back.


This dress is fully lined to give it a more store bought feel and because it’s white. I didn’t want to have to be worried about any undie lines.

Plus, the fact that this dress features a full skirt, makes it pretty cool do to twirls! So if you’re a dancer and want something a bit twirly, then this is your pattern!


McCalls-6741-twirl.jpgSee, I took some photos to prove it!

Overall, this pattern is gorgeous and I highly recommend. I love the option to add a different colour band to the bottom, which may be added to my to-do-list for sewing.

I hope you enjoyed! Happy Sewing!

Erin xx


7 thoughts on “McCalls 6741 Dress

    • Hi Anna, I would have cut option B. I’m guessing I also took it up slightly at the end to get it the right length. 🙂 I hope that helps!!


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