Hibiscus Pencil Case

I thought I would start the year off by making something really quick and easy to compliment my Christmas presents. I have been learning to surf so I got a small pack of surf accessories to go with my brand new board. So I decided to make a summer themed pencil case to fit all of my accessories. These pencil cases are perfect for so many occasions, especially for kids going back to school.


I found the pattern from the Craftsy Boxie Pouch but instead of doing the boxed edges I just sewed it straight to make a standard pencil case.


I ended up using my 100% cottom hibiscus fabric that I got from Hawaii, as well as my pink flamingo and cactus print from Spotlight.



There are so many awesome designs like this on Crafty that you can actually download for free. Here are some of my favourite designs.


No Gut Boxie Pouch


Double Zip – Gemini Pouch


Camilla Case for small things


Marina Pouch

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for your first quick sewing project of the year!

Happy sewing! Erin xx


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