BurdaStyle Button Up Shirts

Description: This chic button-up blouse can be cut short to wear with a skirt or pants or made long to be worn with leggings. It features dramatic cuffs and darts for a flattering silhouette.
Material: 100% cotton material
Pattern: BurdaStyle Button Up Tunic

I’ve been slowly growing my work wardrobe but I don’t think you can ever have enough work shirts for a bit of variety. Therefore, when I recently got a new job working back in the corporate environment, I decided to make some fun, flattering work shirts.

Burda-Work-Shirt-01Gotta love my little pug baby – star of the show

I originally cut out a Vogue shirt pattern that I had made previously with sheer, see-through fabric, however it was a bit too big to use with 100% cotton material. So I opted for a more fitted style shirt by BurdaStyle, which included vertical side pleats on the front and back.


I ended up making these shirts in quarter and short length sleeves. I cut a size 40, which fit well but I still had to drastically take in the darts to get it to sit perfectly.



The first four shirts were from material I had in my fabric stash, as it only needed 1.5 meters for the shorter length.

However, I loved the pattern so much I went to spotlight and got some really retro, fun designs with matching buttons.

Now for some really out-there fabric, which you will find in the cotton lawn section at Spotlight, mostly for children (hehe). Cactus, flamingos and lamas lol!

Buying the 100% cotton fabric from Spotlight (on sale for about $7 a meter), plus the buttons (costing about $4 – 8 for 10) these shirts worked out to be about $15 – $17.50 each. Not that bad considering my latest Portmans shirts were $79 each! These shirts are long enough to wear with pants but also perfect with high-waisted skirts!


I hope you’ve enjoyed! Happy Sewing!

xx Erin xx


8 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Button Up Shirts

  1. Very clever to use tape to hold the buttons in place Erin! That’s quite an impressive collection of shirts you have there! I’ve never sewn any button up shirts but I’ve been thinking about it more lately, especially since my husband wears them all the time.


    • That’s Rikki!! I know once I figured this out I don’t know how I ever sewed on a button before!! hehe. I think once you find a great pattern and fit they’re quite easy and I’m sure your husband would love that! Look forward to seeing piccys of them!


  2. Impressive work, you must be really fast at making these blouses! And how nice to bring all these fun prints into a corporate environment. I especially like the blue and brown print, not sure what the design represents, but I like the geometric shapes. Very chic!

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  3. Fantastic shirts – this is how I do my buttons and buttonholes too, so quick! (except instead of marking button placement with a pin, i draw a line through the buttonhole with my sewline fabric marking pencil). Hope the job is going well ;o)

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