Funky Friends Factory Plush Toys

Ollie the Laid Back Owl

These soft toys patterns are brilliant because the instructions are excellent and for those who are new to sewing they even include How to Sew Toys videos with fabulous hint and tips.

This pattern is really cute and can be made to suit any occasion using contrasting fabrics, different coloured eyes, beaks or fabric textures. For the two owls shown here I used flannelette, which took up three fat quarters. There was absolutely no pattern alterations and you can also secure the safety eyes with a small piece of cutaway behind them so they don’t pull off the flannelette.


Baby Bunny Snuggle

This baby blanket was adapted from the Baby Bunny Plush Toy from Funky Friends Factory.

bunny-soft-toy-pattern_6_1Funky Friends Factory – Baby Bunny

To make this I’ve only used the head and arm sections of the pattern and cut four different minky fleece squares and the top and bottom blanket edge to give it a quilted look. The bunny also included the safety eyes and nose with a small piece of cutaway behind them so they didn’t pull or rip the fleece.

Baby_SnuggleBaby_Snuggle2It’s the perfect snuggle blanket for young babies! If you haven’t checked out the Funky Friends Factory patterns they are worth a look!

Happy Sewing!!


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