Baby Teethers & Bucket Hats

I recently made the BurdaStyle Pleated Baby Dress for a friend and loved the project so much I wanted to try a few more children’s clothing patterns. So my next sewing project included the BurdaStyle reversible bucket hat and the See Kate Sew Baby Teether.


Bucket Hats

I tested out the reversible bucket hats with a few different combinations of lining and decided that one layer of iron-on interfacing gave the perfect stiffness. If you don’t include some sort of interfacing it becomes too floppy to wear. Especially because you can flip the front flap up to reveal the different colour fabric underneath.


I purchased the fabric below from Spotlight and you use such a small amount of fabric they work out to be so cheap, maybe $3-4 each. This just proves how valuable sewing is if you have small children, as it only took about 20 minutes to sew up both hats.


The fabric below is from my Sixteen Stitches Spoonflower store, using the lined pastel roses and the navy pastel roses. I’m absolutely loving this fabric for children’s outfits!


Baby Teethers

So many of my friends have young babies or are pregnant, so these teethers are a perfect gift. Although if you do gift them you may need to let the parents know that they are classified as a toy, so babies should be supervised at all times when they’re using these.


To create these teethers I have used the See Kate Sew Baby Teether pattern. You can purchase the wooden or bamboo rings on Etsy for about $20 for 30. Then you only need the smallest amount of fabric and I’ve cut up a hand towel, which makes these little beauties cost about $1-$2 each! Pretty good when you can make a dozen and then match them to their outfits!


The best thing about these teethers is that you can untie the fabric from the bamboo rings and wash them when they’re dirty. Such a great pattern!


Happy Sewing! Erin xx


4 thoughts on “Baby Teethers & Bucket Hats

  1. Hi there! I have come to your blog via the Burda website and am hoping you can help me please. I’m trying to make the baby hats, and I’m really struggling with Burda’s instruction to “sew the top seams like darts”. How did you manage to do it please? I’ve done two hats now and both have little square peaks where I have sewn each of the seams together… the only one that looks right is the back seam, but it definitely doesn’t match the other three which look really boxy and not rounded nicely like yours. I’m so confused, I’ve been sewing the seams from the top (where all four seams eventually meet at the crown), down to the bottom of the ‘v’ and off the end like a dart… does that make sense? Sorry, I realize this is months after your post so I hope you can remember and help me if you are able. Your hats look so lovely and the top of mine looks so annoyingly amateur!! Thank you 🙂


    • Hello lovely, I don’t think I even read the instructions so I wouldn’t have come across that step. Let me make one and I’ll take some photos and email it to you. I’ve got your email from my blog comment.


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