More Lekala Dresses

Pattern: Lekala Dress with Wrap Skirt
Description: A stylish dress with square neckline and mid length open wrap skirt.
Fabric used: Navy Floral Cotton Sateen and the Watercolour blue combed cotton found on Spoonflower

I have made this dress before with a number if modifications in my previous Lekala Dress post. Like always, when I like a pattern…and I really, really like this pattern, I’ll make it a few times. The first navy dress below is basically the same as the Lekala pattern, with only a few modifications to the front neckline.




The dress below in the Blue Watercolour fabric from Spoonflower (which I also made into an Butterick 5949 dress) has the same front modifications, plus a longer skirt on the right only. I had seen this done on fashion shops online and wanted to replicate this myself.




I actually made this dress for the Brisbane Spoolettes dinner back in 2015. Unfortunately that was the last meetup I’ve been able to get to as I was away on holidays for the last annual Frocktails event. I’m hoping this year I can attend and catch up with all of the amazing girls and check out what everyone’s been making.

Happy Sewing! Erin x


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