Craftsy Senna Tote Beach Bag

After I made my first beach Senna Tote (Senna Tote Bag) I was thrilled and wanted to make it again in this awesome fabric I got from Spoonflower. I always wash my fabric first and noticed that it did fade a tiny bit but it still looks effective.






I ended up using snaps on every pocket this time, including the ones inside the bag. After using this bag quite a lot at the beach I realised I needed a smaller bag to hold all of my sunscreen, phone, wallet, etc as sand gets inside. Therefore, my next project will be the Craftsy No Guts Boxie Pouch in the same material.

This pattern is great and perfect to use for the beach or as an overnight bag. It’s really simple to make and only takes a couple of hours. Plus, you’ll want to test it out and when beaches looks this incredible how can you not spend your weekends there!

Gold Coast Beach – Bring on Australia Day!


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