Craftsy Senna Tote Bag

If you’re looking for a great bag to take to the beach with you this summer, I would highly recommend the Senna Tote Bag! I made a test bag using some material I had in my stash but then ended up loving it. However, I still plan on making a new one so I have a a couple of bags to choose from.


My Beach Senna Tote Bag


This size of this bag is perfect to fit your towel, wallet, phone, sunscreen and even your spare clothes! I was also considering going to Cotton On and getting one of those cushion beach pillows.


This is one of the first bags that I’ve made and I’m really happy. I lined the bottom cream material with some quilt wadding so that it sits up nicely. The rest was lined with a really lightweight interfacing so the top stays floppy.

Thankfully we have some of the most amazing beaches in the world so I’ve already tested out this cute little bag out a few times! Here is photo below of a beautiful sunny day on the Gold Coast 🙂 Just to make you all jelly (hehe).


Happy sewing!
x Erin x


3 thoughts on “Craftsy Senna Tote Bag

    • Thanks Kat!! It’s a very easy design and fun to make. Oh I’m so jealous of you being in Vancouver though! That’s my next bucket list holiday 🙂


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