Baby Sleeping Bags

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3089
Description: The Baby sleep sacks have a zipper front, a ribbing neckband, a tab with a snap to cover the zipper pull.  The View A sleeveless sack has armholes finished with narrow hems.  View B has raglan sleeves with mitts.
Fabric used: Inside Flannelette 100% Cotton and Cotton Jersey

I’m in a four way conversation with my three best friends and you can just imagine the daily gossip that goes one between us. Since all three have young children there are times that I get to find what it means to be a new mother. There are few moments I’d like to add “sensor please” or “guys give me a warning!” because they can get quite graphical and rather hilarious. My friend Erica, who has a beautiful six month baby girl was asking where she can find baby sleeping bags since her daughter Sophia has not only grown a size but needs something warmer for the winter months.


This was one of those times that I was truly shocked and thankful that I can sew. They were saying that there was a “sale” and the sleeping bags had gone down from $70 to only $40! I quickly added, “What the! Don’t buy any more, I will just make you some!” However, my girlfriend’s are the last ones to accept sewing favours so I researched it myself, checking what fabric was breathable and safe for babies. For example: Cotton or cotton blends are great. Don’t to use fleece as it isn’t breathable. Therefore, I went to Spotlight and purchased some fabric to test out this gorgeous little Kwik Sew pattern.

The red cotton jersey fabric (outter fabric) was on sale for $11 per meter and the cotton flannelette (lining) was on sale for $6 per meter. So I could probably average about 3 bags per meter, costing about $7 per bag. That’s quite a saving from $40 per bag she was looking at spending.


The pattern comes with two versions and I made both for her (one with and one without sleeves). It was a very simple pattern and I was able to put it together while watching a movie in less than 2 hours.


Sleeveless Version

Here is the sleeveless version. I had taken this photo before I put the snap button on. I just love using snaps! Whenever I’ve created an outfit like this I drive over to my parents house and use my mums snap press. They are perfect, safe and really easy to use. I’d say they even work well with adult clothing such as jackets!



Overall it was a really cute pattern and both her and her husband loved these new little sleeping bags for their little girl. Hopefully this should see her through the winter months!


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