BurdaStyle Pleated Dress

Pattern: BurdaStyle Pleated Dress
Description: This is an elegant dress that can be worn to a number of special occasions. You can sew it in a nice metallic material for an evening dress, or opt for a printed silk or cotton for a dress perfect for the daytime.
Fabric used: Cotton Sateen

This dress is one of my absolute favourites created from Burdastyle seamed dress #120. I have made so many of these dresses over the past few years. You can see my previous version on the BurdaStyle website.

For this version I merged the top two pieces for both the front and the back and added the sleeves (included in the pattern). I have also added an extra two darts around the neckline to give it a bit more detail.


The major difference in this version compared to the one shown on BurdaStyle is the skirt. To make it like this, all I had to do was was add about 10-15cm to the width, which then allowed me to add four spaced out pleats to the skirt front and back. I also split the bottom of the skirt into two separate parts to create the different coloured panels.



It has been a while since I have worn these two dresses and they’re actually a little too big for me now so I plan on re-cutting and making this dress again in the near future. It’s a beautiful pattern and I had no fitting problems at all. In fact, that’s the one great thing I love about BurdaStyle patterns is the sizing is usually a perfect match. It’s pretty much the main reason as to why I always go back to that brand.


120_0812_b_largeBurdaStyle Seamed Dress #101


Image Source: Pinterest


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