BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse

Pattern: BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse
Description: This fashionable blouse is easy to sew and falls semi-loosely to the hips.
Fabric used: Polyester/Rayon and ribbing.

Version One


This blouse was definitely easy to sew and took about an hour to complete. I printed out the pattern and made the full length blouse. After fitting it I realised that the sleeves and bottom were both a little long. Therefore, I cut about 10cm off both and attached the ribbing. It’s a very cute, loose fitting blouse that you can wear comfortably with jeans.

If you’re new to sewing the BurdaStyle pattern and instructions might be a bit confusing. There was a piece #5 that even I had no idea how and where to fit into the design (I ignored that part). It’s a very basic pattern but the instructions certainly let it down. If you’re confident with construction however, you won’t have any issues.

Version Two

I purchased this fabric from Mood Fabrics in New York last year so I was excited to finally put it to good use!

Version Three

This pattern works amazing in soft and or see/through fabrics so I recommend trying a few different versions. This is the perfect shirt for the cooler weather, especially in Queensland where it doesn’t actually get that cold!

 I highly recommend this pattern for a fun, quick wardrobe filler.

115a-082015-b_largeBurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse


3 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Round Neck Blouse

    • Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you to say. It was a great, very simply pattern. I’ve only just started my blog back up so exciting to be able to follow everyone again. Thanks for commenting. Look forward to reading your posts xx


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