$5 Kmart Tee – Refashion

I needed some new singlets for summer but after heading to Spotlight I realised that the cotton jersey material was edging on about $11 per meter. Once you cut it up and created a singlet you barely had enough material left over to create anything else.

My first test shirt was the pink and navy one below using a soft cotton jersey material from Spotlight. However, after shopping around at Kmart I came across this $5 men’s plain shirt, made from a really good quality, soft material. If you purchased a 2XL – 3XL shirt for only $5 you can cut out a singlet, plus create a headband from the left over sleeve material.


Singlet Designs

I ended up tracing a pattern from a singlet that I already owned and loved but I’m sure you could find a simple singlet pattern online or from any of the major sewing brands. Then all I had to do was purchase a meter of ribbing for the neckline.

There are so many ways to decorate a plain singlet. I have done a variety of singlets now with different colour pockets, ScanNCut Flock or Flex transfers, or simply mixing and matching the material colours. If you’re interested in creating your own transfer print I’ve done a blog post over at Echidna Sewing. Echidna Sewing sells the Brother ScanNCut machine, as well as the Flex and Flock transfer sheets. Then all you have to do is iron your design onto your shirt.

You can view my T-Shirt ideas Pinterest board for more inspiration.


The second part to this refashion is creating a headband from the remaining sleeve material. I would probably advise to get a 2XL – 3XL to do this to ensure your headband is big enough. I will create a project tutorial shortly with instructions on how to make this exact headband, so stay tuned!

I purchased the sequin attachment from Britex Fabrics when I went to the USA last year for only $5 each. They suited the headband perfectly, but otherwise you could bead or attach free-standing lace to it instead.

I have also created a Headband Pinterest board for more styling inspiration.

Plain Shirts for Males

Another idea for any males out there is to get the plain shirts and add some detail to them like below. They come in really handy for friends, family or your loved ones!


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