Colette Laurel Dress

Pattern: Colette Laurel
Description: This chic and simple shift dress is easy to sew, astoundingly versatile, and comfortable to wear year-round.
Fabric used: Cotton sateen with a cotton poplin lining

The Colette Laurel was a very easy, simple dress to construct, perfect for work or for casual dress occasions. The main changes I made for this pattern is because it was a very loose fit. I probably could have gone down a whole size but I cut it out first, making a muslin and decided to add some long front and back darts to bring it in.

This version is a bit more body hugging, however I like this style and still find it comfortable and casual. If it was a different material such as a linen or denim it may have been fine at that larger size. I guess it’s just a preference as to how you like your clothing to fit.

A great pattern though, I highly recommend!


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