Butterick 5747 Sailor Dress

Pattern: Butterick 5747
Description: Dress has wide collar, detachable dickey, fitted bodice, button closure, waistband, pleated skirt, and belt.
Fabric used: Cotton top and linen skirt


I was on the hunt for a Sailor Dress for a friends bachelorette party so after searching all my pattern stash I landed on the Butterick 5747 dress. There was a small amount of modification needed to make it look like a sailor outfit, however the main thing was choosing the right fabrics for the different sections of the dress.

The collar required a slight adjustment removing the ‘V’ cutout at the front and then changing the very back to be shaped square, instead of round. Also, I didn’t want to include the ‘dickey’ part so I modified the front to sit higher on my chest.


I created a muslin for the tester dress and once I had it perfected I then cut out my main fabric. The party went off with a hit and I got away with only spending about $20 on fabrics, instead of hiring an $80 dress. Plus, I’ve kept in my wardrobe hoping for the next sailor themed party!

Carmen-HensMe and the beautiful Hen (2014)


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