Burda 6916 Dress

Pattern:  Burda 6916
Description: Geometric shapes and interesting seam lines provide an exciting look. Particularly plain-colour fabrics give them a premium touch but also when made up of striped fabrics, very special effects are created.
Fabric used: Cotton/Linen blend


When I saw this pattern I immediately wanted to recreate the centre dress. This type of dress had been popping up on my Pinterest page as a current trend and would go perfectly as a casual work dress.

b6916Burda 6916 Pattern

Pinterest Inspiration

The pattern itself was easy and straight forward and great for beginners. There were no changes added to this version. The pattern also allows different sleep types, which I always find helpful. For this dress I chose version C and added lining inside the dress, which makes it sit nice and flat.



Overall I was really happy with the pattern and the fact I could copy cat one of my Pinterest ideas. If only I could clone them all.


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