Burda & Butterick Mashup Dress

Pattern: BurdaStyle #101 top and Butterick 5949 skirt
Description: This is a bit of a mash up including a BurdaStyle slim fit dress top and the Butterick slim fitted pleated skirt.
Fabric used: Cotton sateen with a cotton poplin lining


This dress was formed as a bit of an experiment since I loved the BurdaStyle #101 dress but don’t agree with gathered skirts with my body shape. Therefore, I added the more slim style Butterick dress skirt since it sat exactly where I needed it to go on the waistline. I’ve also added pockets to give it a more casual look.


I was quite happy with the outcome of this dress. I think it’s great when you make patterns and love certain elements in the garment that can then be applied to other outfits. It’s a bit of a mash up situation where you can mix and match tops and bottoms.


xx Erin xx


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