BurdaStyle Princess Dress

Pattern: BurdaStyle Princess Seam Sheath Dress
Description: Princess seams frame a squared off neckline in this demure sheath dress. This pleated style is sophisticated anywhere with hip pockets and a narrow collar.
Fabric used: Cotton Sateen and cotton lining

This dress pattern is actually available as a plus size. Admittedly when I purchased this pattern I didn’t even take note of the plus size because of the size of the model in the photo. With that being said, I think it’s a pretty amazing dress (plus size or not).

133_062014_b_largeBurdaStyle Seam Sheath Dress

If you have some experience in sewing or pattern drafting and find that you need to take it down a few sizes (I think the plus size stops at about size 14), then I highly recommend you give it ago. For the first time making a new pattern I would always suggest making a muslin, so this is the right time to make any further adjustments.


Both of my dresses are very similar in fabric, so no your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Each of these dresses are also fully lined. The pattern itself is fairly easy and straight forward. In both versions I have actually changed the sleeves because the sleeve included in this pattern were quite small, pulling at my shoulders. I ended up using a sleeve that I know fits my broader shoulders perfectly.

Apart from that, there were no extra changes to the pattern. My sister loved the dress so much she went out and purchased the same fabric hoping to make her own. If I didn’t live so close she might have even started it but instead she steals mine (as sisters tend to do). P.S I love your clothes too Lea and I’ll be borrowing your white jacket again this winter (wink, wink).


Here are a few more angles of the dress. It sits really flat with the lining and is perfect for either summer or winter if you want to dress it up with a coat.

There are a few other plus size patterns from Burdastyle that I think are worth the time and effort adjusting down. I would imagine that would go both ways for plus sizes hoping to adjust some pattern up. Pity they don’t come in all sizes.

Here is another dress that is very similar, except this one has a collar.

139_0712_b_largeBurdaStyle Scoop Neck Dress

I also really love this pattern, doesn’t it look amazing on the model!

144_1212_b_largeBurdaStyle Draped Dress

I’m extremely excited to be sewing again and adding them to my new blog. This just about sums up why I love that I can sew and make something new each week, at a very small cost!



4 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Princess Dress

    • I know, I love the plus size patterns as well. So many more to choose from when you figure out how to take them down a few sizes 🙂


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